Nawfia, a town in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State and is surrounded by neighbouring towns namely: Enugwu Nkwu, Umuokpu-Awka, Nise, Amawbia and Enugwu Agidi. It is largely dominated by the Igbo ethnic group and most of its inhabitants are chiefly Traditionalists and Christians- the Anglicians and the Catholics. The Common languages spoken in Nawfia town are Igbo, English and Pidgin-English languages and Nawfia major market is known as Afor Nawfia (Afor nwaidegeli) which comes up every four market days.

Nawfia, according to its local dialect is pronounced as "Nnọfvịa" and is one of the towns that make up the Umunri clan. The umunri Clan are Nawfia, Enugwu Ukwu, Enugwu Agidi, and Agu Ukwu, and is widely believed to be where the beginning of Igbo lineage is traced to.  

The town is made up of two wards namely: Ifite (Ward 1) and Ezimezi (Ward 2). The wards under this town also concedes of ten villages which include: 

1. Adagbe Mmimi, 

2. Enugo Mmimi, 

3. Eziakpaka, 

4. Iridana, 

5. Urualor/Uruejimofor, 

6. Uruorji, 

7. Urukpaleri, 


9.Umuezunu and 

10. Umukwa.

Those aforementioned villages are arranged and described in Ifite and Ezimezi;

Ezimezi includes five (5) villages, they are:

°Adagbe Mmimi

°Enugo Mmimi




While Ifite ward includes five (5) villages, they are:






The council presiding and running the affairs of the Nawfia Town are made up of three fundamental authorities:

1. The Igwe of Nawfia

2. The President General of Nawfia Progressive Union and 

3. The Nze/Ozo Council.

The Igwe of Nawfia town is the janitor of the culture and traditions of the land and is in charge of land and security matters.   


The President General is in charge of the general administration of the town (in conjunction with the village Chairmen of the various villages) and legislative duties. 

The Nze/Ozo council is a group of "titled" elders who help the Igwe in strengthening and maintaining the culture and traditions and also settle disputes within.

The Secondary schools in Nawfia are 

1. Comprehensive Secondary School Nawfia (Now Anglican Missionary School) 

2. Nawfia Community Secondary school Nawfia (Government) 

3. Sunbeam Secondary school, Nawfia

The Primary schools in Nawfia are:

1. Ojoko Primary school, Nawfia

2. Okagbue Priamary school, Nawfia

3. Uruoji Primary school, Nawfia

4. Sunbeam Nursery and Primary School, Nawfia (located at St Michael and All Angel's church, Nawfia.

5. Holy Family Nursery and Primary School (Located at St Anthony Catholic Church, Nawfia.

6. Stellamaris Model Primary School, Nawfia

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