Nawfia December Football League 2021 has kicked off on the 20th day of December 2021.

The Nawfia December football league which comes annually has commenced today as aforementioned. The champion of the football league is a good benefactor of the growth of the youths and peaceful conjunction in Nawfia humanity which always fetches serenity and love towards the youths of the town by the name Sam Container (As fondly called by the people of Nawfia)

As scrutinized, Nawfia as a town has 8 villages which are Umuriam, Mmimi, Umukwa, Umuezunu, Eziakpaka, Uruoji, Ifite, and Uruejimofor. The football league kicked off today as stated clearly above around 4 pm at a dot between the two villages which are Umuriam and Umukwa.

The match was too arduous during the first half which none of the villages scored any goal. The possession between the villages was to say 60:40. Both villages had shot on targets but none were able to conceive a goal. There was contentment and the people of Nawfia were so nervous during the first half, betting on who to be the defeater of the match. Umuriam team is fully under the sponsorship of a very famous man of Nawfia who is from the same village by name KING OF BOYS (Ezeumuokolobia), who loves football games and always supports the Nawfia team known as De Santos.

The second half came to be around 5:20 pm, it was as if the team of Umukwa village relinquished courage and started losing the game. The game changed and Umuriam began to beat the competitor (Umukwa). During 5:35, Umuriam striker by name, Ejike scored a goal with a head. That goal humiliated the Umukwa team and they lack coordination.

The game started getting on more interesting and there were corner kicks, foul games, and others that always happen in a football game. It was a slap on the faces of the Umukwa team when Umuriam middle player by name, Modric as fondly called, scored another goal around 6:45. There were other conceived goals by the Umuriam team which were whistled to be 'off sight' in the game. It was unexpected and never imagined in the minds of Umukwa village that their opponent (Umuriam) will win the match.

People of Umuriam were singing, dancing and some were shouting 'Arinze mbulu onye umuriam!!!! The last whistle sounded around 6:15 pm and the game come to an end.

The match ended with

Umuriam 2: 0 Umukwa

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