Onwa Mbu: begins from the annually from the 3rd week of February.

Onwa Abua: from March to April, this period normally is the period of tilling lands and cultivation or farming,

Onwa Ife Eke: from April to May, this is usually known as “Ugani” in Igbo meaning hunger period.

Onwa Ana: from May to June, this is the period in which yam seeds are planted.

Onwa Agwu: from June to July, known in Igbo as “Igochi na Mmanwu” meaning masquerades.

Onwa Ifejioku: from July to August, Ifejioku means yam Ritual.

Onwa Alom Chi: from August to early September, this means yam harvest for “Alusi” only. Alusi is an Igbo deity.

Onwa Ilo Mmuo: September ending, this is the period of “Onwa Asato” festival, Onwa Asato means the Eighth month.

Onwa Ana: October.

Onwa Okike: early November, Okike ritual usually takes place,

Onwa Ajana: November ending another Okike ritual takes place.

Onwa Ede Ajana: from November ending through early December.

Onwa Uzo Alusi: early January to early February, offering to the Alusi deity.