Nri kingdom as we all know operated a decentralized democratic and highly theocratic system of leadership over Igbo lands. Albeit most Igbo colonies already exercised a type of societal republic as opposed to a feudalistic system that involves a king with absolute or an enormous amount of authority over its subjects.

The leader of Nri is called the “Eze Nri” in the Igbo language which translates to “king of Nri”. He is a priest-king in its truest definition. He is more of a ritualistic father figure with mystic powers but no military authority.

nri king

List of Nri kings of recorded history

  1. Eri 948-1041
  2. Eze Nri Ifikuanim 1043-1089
  3. Eze Nri Namoke 1090-1158
  4. Eze Nri Buife 1159-1259
  5. Eze Nri Omalo 1260-1299
  6. Eze Nri Jiofo 1 1300-1390
  7. Eze Nri Omalonyeso 1391-1464
  8. Eze Nri Anyamata 1465-1511
  9. Eze Nri Fenenu 1512-1582
  10. Eze Nri Agu 1583-1676
  11. Eze Nri Apia and Alike 1677-1700(both died the same day)
  12. Eze Nri Ezimilo 1701-1723(Assasinated)
  13. Eze Nri Enwenetem 1724-1794
  14. Eze Nri Enweleana 1795-1886
  15. Eze Nri Obalike 1889-1936(Deposed by the British)
  16. Eze Nri jiofor II Taabansi Udene 1937-1987
  17. Eze Nri Enweleana II Obidiegwu Onyeso(MFR) 1988-present