Engr. Nonso Chinecherem Ekenta (Ike Pentecost) a true son of the soil has long stepped out to represent not just Nawfia town but Njikoka 1 Constituency.

There's a popular Igbo adage that goes "esi n'ulo amalu mma wee pua n'ama." If we don't vote for our own, what does it say about our unity and pride? Let's vote our son of the soil come march for a better Njikoka 1 Constituency.

Ike Pentecost as a man is humble to the core, honest, brave and easily accessible compared to his opponents. As a matter of fact, Ike Pentecost is the man who doesn't throw money around in a bid to buy cheap loyalty as most politicians do currently. He's an entrepreneur who has a genuine source of income devoid of government-embezzled funds. Of all these traits and attributes, he's not infected by the plague of godfatherism.

He is contesting because he has detected so many anomalies in the way traditional politics is being played and has risen to give us a fresh taste of what it means to have a good representative who listens to the plight of his constituents and will at all times seeks the interest of his people.

Irrespective of the fact that NNPP popularity isn't massive, let's vote for him and vote for a positive change for our constituency. Let's vote for the individual and not the party for parties have failed.

For Better Njikoka

For Real Youth Empowerment



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